Soothe away tension and promote relaxation with massage package from Urban Retreat Spa. Every massage is customized to suit specific needs. Our focus is on the body’s layer of muscles and connective tissues to maximize the benefits of massage. Choose from our wide range of massage packages and the duration – you will be pleased with our highly skilled massage therapist and attention to detail.

Aromatherapy Massage

Classic relaxing strokes with choice of essential oils soothing away stress and promote deep sleep

60 Mins – MYR 139.00
90 Mins – MYR 169.00
120 Mins – MYR 199.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Slow strokes and deep finger pressure penetrating muscle compression to release of deeply held patterns of tension effectively loosens & addresses tight & sore muscles

60 Mins – MYR 149.00
90 Mins – MYR 189.00
120 Mins – MYR 219.00

Thai Yoga Massage

Traditional body stretching techniques & firm pressure point stimulate circulation and improve flexibility to help loosen muscles tensions

60 Mins – MYR 139.00
90 Mins – RM 169.00
120 Mins – MYR 199.00

Lymph Detox Massage

Warm aromatic oil to stimulate the lymph system with gentle and circular pumping movement Detoxifications with a soothing & relaxing effect

90 Mins – MYR 199.00
120 Mins – MYR 229.00

Sports Massage

Firm warming strokes and hand, thumb and elbow techniques together with trigger ponts & acupressure. Concentrating on localised areas of concern Increase & restores muscles elasticity and suppleness. Ideally for the physically active you.

30 Mins – MYR 79.00
60 Mins – MYR 149.00

Swedish Thai Massage

Firm flowing strokes combines with gentle Thai pulling & smoothing movement untie tied knots, regain lightness & vitality

90 Mins – MYR 189.00
120 Mins – MYR 219.00

Upper Back & Scalp

Perfect trigger point technique & firm strokes to untie muscle knots and tension relieve for shoulder and upperback

60 Mins – MYR 139.00

Jet Leg Recovery

The ideal massage to banish fatigue and sluggishness associated with jet lag or long hour driving. Best done before or after travel

75 Min – MYR139.00

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