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Stepping into URoot Spa is similar to stepping into a haven of peace and serenity.

It is the experience of giving a sense of calmness and balancing benefits of revitalizing treatments to its customers. These have healing properties, which are specifically designed to boost your health. With the help of our skilled therapists, our clients can choose the best spa treatment which will be designed to soothe and pamper. It will also de-stress or invigorate the mind and body depending on the preference of our client and their requirements.

The Uroot spa is one of the best massage spa located in the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. Our spa is inspired by the Urban Retreat Spa. It is a boutique spa which combines the local massage techniques and creating a cultural experience to rejuvenate the mind and body. Giving a relaxing sensation to the mind and body. Each massage treatment is a combination of local methods. Chosen specifically to give an overall feeling of rejuvenation, rebuilding, and balance, in the body and also mind. It can give a relaxing sensation to oneself. The spa treatments have been around for more than a thousand years, and it also has a number of health benefits too.

We offer a relaxing sleep massage, which is a treatment of gentle strokes and our house essential oil and is one of the best massage spa treatments. This helps the client relax and feel calm. The charges for these treatments are RM129 for 60 minutes, and RM169 for 80 minutes. The services that we offer here, can help our clients come over their jet lag, if they just came to Kuala Lumpur, a visit to our Urban Retreat Spa can help them feel fresh and get rid of all the tiredness. Our Spa concierge can assist our clients with the service suggestion, and even guide them through it. Furthermore, our spa specializes in offering spa therapies for sleep difficulties, which might be faced by any one of our clients.

Uroot spa has the best masseur and masseuse, who are guided by the Massage Therapist to address a specific problem like insomnia. Thus, at Uroot Spa, our client’s insomnia is treated through a massage therapy which can reduce pain, anxiety, but in return, it will increase relaxation, which can help restore the client’s sleeping pattern. Apart from this, our spa treatments are one of the best.

At Uroot day spa Mont Kiara the main focus is on providing our clients with the best facilities, which will be beneficial for them.

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