At Urban Retreat Spa, we use natural aromas from @aroma (also referred to as Ataroma) and you can purchase them at our spa or at our online store. Aroma Oil are naturally extracted essential oil that has various benefits. Below are some of the benefit of our all-natural aroma oil that we use extensively at all our establishments.

  • Set A Positive Atmosphere – Inhaling natural essential oils will allow your brain to signal certain emotions that can leave you feeling energized, optimistic and hopeful.
  • For Relaxation & Better Sleep – Aromatherapy is very useful for treating psychological disorders such as stress and anxiety thus the Aroma Oil is able to stimulate positive signals in your brain to reduce negative emotional conditions.
  • Inflammation Relief – Aroma Oils such as tea tree oil have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce irritation. Peppermint are also highly effective to reduce inflammation.
  • Pain Relief – Ginger, Chamomile, Lavendar and Peppermint all have pain relieving properties that can be very safe to use and works quickly.
  • Immune Boosting – Many essential oils have anti-fungal, anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to prevent development of certain illness. Use them with a diffuser to cleanse air. Perfect for use in hospitals and medical facilities.
  • Safer & Better Than Candles and Incense – Make your home smell wonderful with a safer alternative. We carry a wide range of home, car and commercial diffusers that can leave your living space smelling wonderful.

​All our Aroma Oil are imported from @aroma in Tokyo Japan, which offers a wide range of natural aromas for designing comfortable spaces.  Since established in 1998,@aroma have worked on “aroma space design” in more than 2,000 public spaces such as commercial facilities and hotels worldwide.  ​Click on the below link to purchase from our online store

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